Real Estate / Kinnisvara

I truly enjoy all the challanges REAL ESTATE & INTERIOUR DESIGN PHOTOGRAPHY brings forth – getting that one shot takes much more time than usual – one must find the best angle 📐 for just one photo – a good old tripod is an integral companion. The smaller the room, the bigger the challange. One has to make sure the object is not too dark (underexposed) or not too bright (overexposed) inside AND outside at the same time – HDR (high-dynamic-range) method is the key here. Long story short, the ideal REAL ESTATE (and / or INTERIOUR DESIGN) image is perfect when the areas that are in the shadows (too dark on a single photo) are acutally well lit (visible) and the areas that are usually too bright, are also properly visible. In other words if one takes an image of a room where there are windows, the observer can see the object in all it’s glory and also what are the conditions outside.